Periphery Stowe

The prologue
  In a world where eternal youth is just something folks are learning to live without, Riggs Bombay, the boy who is not afraid of one single thing, only wanted to find a cure for his hallucinations. What he finds instead is Periphery Stowe’s old storybook—a mystery entangled in the pages of history, and coveted by the secret powers of the world. Now Riggs must lug his hallucinations through valleys and vortexes, dodging the greedy grasp of codgers, villains, and philosophers long enough to deliver Stowe’s book to the one man in the world who wants nothing to do with it! Written during an adventure of his own into India, Wagner’s poetic first novel offers a whimsical glimpse into the source of our fears, and a wink to our longing for longevity. Obsessive characters and dazzling imagery span the eternal horizon of this work of slipstream fantasy, from one quiet mountain village, to the infinite eye of the void somewhere on the periphery of Mister Stowe’s imagination.

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